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Batya (Gevaryahu) Wise
Jerusalem Beit Hakerem, 1948
Rivka (Schoen) Gottesman at center of top step
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Batya (Gevaryahu) Wise and Reuven Gevaryahu Z"l
Jerusalem, 1948
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Gilad Gevaryahu
Azur, August 1958
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Yaakov Yosef Gottesman
Kesmarok Slovakia, June 17th 1938
Kesmarok is the Yeshiva town where he studied.
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Benny Grunfeld and Herman Grunfeld Z"l

Benny Grunfeld spent 4 years in Israel during this time as a volunteer in the Israeli air force. Benny, who is now retired, devotes his life to speaking to high school students all over the world (mostly in Sweden) about his experiences during the Holocaust. He has written a book called "A Teenager in Hitler's Death Camp," which was recently translated into English and is available through He, like Herman, was an artist (part time) and has illustrated the book with his paintings from his memory of those events. There has also been a documentary film made about him revisiting Auschwitz that was originally aired on Swedish television. He was here in May of 2009 to give one of his talks, where about 400 people attended and he was presented a citation by the Governor of Massachusetts. His book is also available at the Holocaust center in Washington DC.
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Leah (Landesman) Gevaryahu and Chaim Moshe Yitzchak Gevaryahu holding Batya (Gevaryahu) Wise
February 1946
Shmuel Dov Gvaryahu-Gottesman, Haim Moshe Yitzchak Gevaryahu, Yaakov Gottesman
Neveh Shaanan Jerusalem, Early 1960's
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Ophra (Gottesman) Grunfeld, Nava Grunfeld and Herman Grunfeld
Sweden, September 25th 1950
Wedding of Sheva Gottesman and Moshe Yaakobovitch
Zadne Karpatarus, December 12th 1939


Yaakov Yosef Gottesman, Shmuel Dov Gottesman and Tzvi Hirsh Gottesman
Yeshiva in Kesmarok Slovakia, 1938